2342S006CR+22/7 112:1+MG10

FAULHABER® Coreless Technology series 2342_CR, 23 mm dia. brush DC micro motor, 6.0V coil, graphite commutation with FAULHABER® series 22/7, 22 mm... More Details
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2342S006CR+22/7 112:1+MG10
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Motor Gearhead
Configured Product Specifications
Motor Series: 2342_CR
Motor Winding: 6V
Gearhead Series: 22/7
Gearhead Ratio: 112:1
Overall Diameter: 23 mm
Overall Length: 88.4 mm
Overall Weight: 0.388 lbs
Estimated Lead Time: 20 Business Days

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This configuration & part number includes the following:
Motor Type: Rotary
Motor Technology: Coreless DC
Rotor Inertia: 5.6 gcm2
Friction Torque/ Residual Torque: 1.0 mNm
Dynamic friction: 0.000 mNm/rpm
Mechanical Time constant: 6 ms
Max Angular acceleration: 160 rad/s2
Torque constant rotary: 5.77 mNm/A
Back EMF constant rotary: 0.604 mV/rpm
Terminal/Phase Resistance: 0.4 Ω
Terminal Inductance: 13.5 μH
Gearhead Ratio: 112:1
Gearhead Technology: Planetary
Bearing Type: Ball Bearings, Preloaded
Continuous Torque Max: 700 mNm
Intermittent Torque Max: 1000 mNm
Recommended input speed Max: 4000 rpm
Gearhead Intermittent Input Speed Max: 12000 rpm
Radial Shaft Load Max: 170 N
Axial Shaft Load Max: 150 N
Operating Temp, Min: -30 °C
Operating Temp, Max: 100 °C
Efficiency: 60 %
Direction of Rotation: CW